Monday, May 23, 2011


I don't really like to discuss politics or religion on my blog. Which is probably why I am not posting daily, or even weekly. I'd like to take time out for a brief (and respectfully intended) rant.

Are we still in the era of the Feminist Movement? Or are we in a twilight or Post-Feminist era? I've been thinking about this (and arguing about it) for some time now. A British study recently forecast that men and women will not receive equal pay for equal work until 2067. Link below. Please note that the title of the article below has been corrected in the article from 2057 to 2067.

Wow. Maybe my nieces will get financial parity before they retire. Or maybe my grand-nieces. Maybe someday I'll be busy telling my grandchildren (in between stories of walking 10 miles to school uphill in feet of snow, etc.) about the Olden Days when women did not get the same pay as men for the same work.

I guess I'm feeling a bit cynical today.

Another (but related) topic: Moms deserve Respect. Whether they are At-Home moms or working moms, Mom sometimes needs a day off. Time off, at any rate, so that they can decompress, refresh, and have alone time or grown-up time. (Same for A-Home or working Dads too, of course.)

Enough said. Rant over. Thank you for reading....

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