Friday, December 24, 2010

From behind the remote control

I am an absolute sucker for a capella harmonization. Have been since before I knew what "a capella" meant. So the other day, I was flipping through the DVR, wondering what I hadn't seen, and I noticed a show that hit an odd note: "The Sing Off Season Finale". I know, I should be shot for that horrible pun. Anyway, I didn't record it, and I didn't think my dad (Keeper of the HD) had taped it. He and I usually have similar tastes in TV.  I shrugged, and started scanning the guide, and lo! Oxygen, home of perennial favorite "America's Next Top Model" reruns, was having a mini marathon of the Sing Off. So I did my research.
"Yo, Dad?" (He was on the computer, doing Dad stuff).
"Yeah, Beth?" (He gets to call me that.)
"You watch a show called 'The Sing Off'?
I tuned in. It started off with a really great group number, an a capella version of "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. As they finished, I sighed, "Oh I love a capella harmonies"
To my surprise, my dad responded: "Me too." <sigh>.  I think it's cool to learn that other family members like the same stuff as I. Plus, Dad is my housemate, so it's a good thing.
Anyway, back to "The Sing Off". I don't much care for competition shows normally (except of course, Project Runway- Oh Tim Gunn, you are my hero...). This all a capella contest was like food to my ears. My favorite group on the show is Street Corner Symphony. I have a strong feeling that they are going places. The lead singer, Jeremy  has that special charismatic stage presence that could even translate into a solo career project. Have I mentioned he is really, really hot yet? Well, consider it mentioned. I'd buy their album. When they have one. They did such a fun treatment of "Come on, Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners, for the "guilty pleasures" portion of the contest.
I may tune in next season. Via DVR, of course. We have heard rumors of some kind of animal called "commercials". Since DVR, this house has become a commercial-free zone. Officially.
Well, unless Betty White does another Snickers commercial....


  1. Have you seen this one? I love it!


  2. I'm so sad I missed that whole thing! I saw it advertised and told myself I would watch it but then just didn't.
    Sure so wish I had DVR though!