Saturday, September 18, 2010

Magnetic word poetry

Do they call it "free verse" because no one will pay for it?

A  few years back, I got a set of Magnetic Words as a gift, along with a Magnetic Word Calendar. The calendar was a bit impractical in design, but it came with more words. So Lisa and I were goofing off (it happened a lot), and I came up with the following contribution to the fun and exciting world of Magnetic Word Poetry......

i go with bare feet
in the raw summer storm
it is luscious
when the languid powerful rain
beats a pounding spray on my red hair
the woman loves water

I still have it stuck to my file cabinet.
As it was some time ago, my hair was still screaming red (I've mellowed back into blonde land).I wished I still had some of the limericks we came up with, but after some reflection I decided that perhaps it's better that I don't....
Besides, this one had decent possibilities for a blog title. A title that didn't have to rhyme with "pucker"....


  1. "Do they call it "free verse" because no one will pay for it?"

    What a great first line for your blog. :)

    Welcome to the blogosphere my sweet blond Gypsy.

  2. So glad you are out here in the blogosphere! Come visit me too! BTW, I worked backward in your posts and I'd love to read on when you write more. Please add a subscription widget so people can subscribe in either a reader or via email (my pref).